My name is Teresa Olguin, I am 44 years young and a single mother of two beautiful children, Michael and Sara. I am a Registered Nurse, certified Case Manager, licensed Massage Therapist, volunteer for Hospice of the Valley and a Health Minister. I was born and continue to live in Phoenix, AZ. I have worked in various setting as a Registered Nurse: hospital, home health, doctors' offices and with patients that are injured on the job.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people throughout my career. Most of them very sick people. I would pray for them sometimes and they would not even know I was praying for them. I so wanted to help them receive their healing. Not only did I pray for their healing, I would pray that God give the Doctors and me the wisdom and knowledge to provide the very best care to help them achieve their healing.

As a Nurse, we have to treat the patient's whole body, mind and spirit. We have to be very in tuned to all aspects of their lives in order for them overcome their illnesses. Of course God being so great honored my prayers and led me on a journey to Shelby, NC.

It all started one Saturday morning. I had just come home from working out and I was listening to a radio program. They were talking about the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and what it was doing to our bodies. Every Saturday morning the program would come on and I would listen with pad and pen.

I then ordered the book "Gods Way to Ultimate Health". I was so excited I thought I finally had some great information for my patients. Then I found out about the Health Ministry class and I looked into the requirements. One was for me to be on the Hallelujah eating program and lifestyle change for at least 3 months prior to attending the seminar. So I prayed about it and on February 14, 2005 I began my journey. What a blessing from God.

I went on the eating program full force knowing that I may encounter a healing crisis. I began juicing, and eating 85% raw and 15 % cooked. I cleaned out my kitchen my children became very concerned! I was already on an exercise program which began seven months prior to the starting on the Hallelujah eating program. Mind you I was not doing this for me, but my patients. I thought I was healthy! I wrote down the health issues I had. I really had to sit and think about my own health for a change. This was a blessing. As a nurse I tend to forget about myself.

These were my issues: constant joint pain, knee and hip pain. The knee and hip pain were the worst, with activity and at rest. I had difficulty with running or walking long distances. If I did walk or run I would experience swelling to my knees and hips. I attributed this to the normal aging process and over use. I also had constant pain in my neck and left shoulder. I had blotchy white patches on my skin which were getting worse and poor eyesight for reading, which was getting worse. I was about 10 pounds over weight. My bowel habits were terrible and I was always tired, sluggish and exhausted. I also had bladder difficulties which I attributed to childbirth.

Within 2 weeks I started with the healing crises or detoxifying. I was amazed how God has created my body to heal itself. I also prayed for God to help me during this time, as he did. Every day became better and better. I could see the results!

After about 3 weeks on the eating program I started on the BarleyMax and continued on the eating program. Within 2 weeks I noticed my mind and thinking had become clearer and my prayer time had dramatically improved. My ability to handle stress was changing. My attitude about life was changing! I was experiencing episodes of increased energy. I was sleeping better. My bowel and bladder habits had dramatically changed!

My zeal for life was returning. My pain continued to my joints, however the intensity had decreased and it was not constant. I also noticed that I was not losing so much hair when I shampooed in the morning. At the beginning of April 2005, I felt the need to add some more exercise to my program. I went go to the Community College and began to run.

This was a true miracle. I started with a mile, then it went to three miles, then I would run up the bleaches between each lap. I began to thank God for my new way of life. When I was in grade school my love was running. I ran on the track /cross-country team in grade school and throughout college. I had not been able to run for many years. I attributed this to the aging process! Now I know it was from The S.A.D. diet!

I began to become very excited about my new life and continued on the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. Then one day while running at the college I ran into my college track coach who invited me to run with his running club. On June 1, 2005, I started to run 4-6 miles 3-4 times per week, without any pain or inflammation to my knees or hips! I continued with lifting weights 3 times per week. I was really getting my life back, the life I really had no idea I had lost.

Again in my prayers I asked God if I should go to Shelby, NC to take the Health Minister class and he said for me to submit my application, so I did and was accepted. At that time I had no idea how this was going to take place, I had no money, no time to take off work, and it seemed impossible in my eyes!

God is so good he made a way for me to go. He took care of every detail! On July 24th 2005 I became a Health Minister of the 44th graduating class. As I sit down to write my testimony tears are rolling down my face! These are tears of utter thankfulness. I am thankful for God's hand in my life. I am thankful for Rev. George Malkmus and all those at Hallelujah Acres, all those who I meet at the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced class, and Health Ministry class! I am thankful that God loves me so much to have provided me with this experience.

I went to Hallelujah Acres to learn how to take care of others and God taught me how to take care of myself! God and Hallelujah Acres have given me back my life! I thank God for my new lifestyle.

Since I have been back home in Phoenix I have begun to change my children's eating habits, with great results. My 6 year old daughter has always been a picky eater. She did not do well on the Standard American diet. She would not eat meat or drink milk. In the past I would worry that she was not getting the proper nutrients. The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle is exactly what she has needed all along. Another miracle!

As you can see God is working in my life. He can also work in your life. Pray and believe. Try the Hallelujah Diet and see what God has in store for you, your body and your life! 3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."

Thank you for this opportunity I love you all at Hallelujah Acres. I pray for you daily!

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