I first read 'Why Christians Get Sick' some years ago, but didn't accept the theory because I thought it was extreme. But after our daughter died of cancer in January 1999, I was ready to make any changes that I could to better my life. In May of 2000, I chose to become a vegan. Although The Hallelujah Diet
doesn't have to do with salvation, I believe it has to do with having a good life here on earth. I will speak to any and all, as I have been doing about the Genesis 1:29 plan of God.

I have lost 20 pounds in weight, and bone spurs bother me less. Before making the diet change, I could not do my normal exercises without being in pain for days. It was at that same time I decided to investigate the website for myself. When I did, I was thrilled and was moved to tears as I realized what I had been missing in my diet, juicing .

I immediately ordered many of your books and tapes, cleaned out my pantry and refrigerator, and informed my husband and children that we were going to 'clean up our act' and do what we knew to be the right thing for our health. As I learned, I began to see that God had not abandoned or punished me through my illnesses, but had given me the instructions I needed to achieve health. Now I understood the meaning of Genesis 1:29, as well as God's original design for us. I also now had the understanding I needed to regain my health.

I filled my refrigerator with fresh organic produce and dusted off my juicer. My husband and I started walking and building up to a 45-minute walk, at a good pace, daily. I weaned myself off of most of my medications and hope to be off all medications by the end of the summer. Since beginning The Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 20-pounds; no longer have any sinus or eye infections. my psoriasis is mostly gone, my joints are feeling so much better, and the swelling in my knees is gone.

If only I had understood the importance of juicing many years ago! I can't believe how quickly I have benefited since adding juicing to my vegetarian diet. It has only been 6-months since I adopted the Hallelujah Diet, yet my depression has lifted, and I no longer fear cancer or other serious ailments. I now have peace and feel a deepening relationship with our Maker and great Designer! I tell everyone about your ministry at Hallelujah Acres. It is so wonderful to be able to direct Christians to your website, where I know they will feel a connection with the health message you share.

I will be celebrating my 50th birthday this summer and feel I have experienced a physical rebirth! I now look forward to the years ahead with great enthusiasm instead of fear and trepidation. I now know God's plan for restoring my physical temple and maintaining my health into my senior years, with better health than I ever experienced in my youth and middle age. I am encouraging my parents to make these diet changes and have sent them a juicer and some of your books .

Again, I thank you for your wonderful work and ministry. I have devoured your books. I keep one with me wherever I go and many people ask for information. I homeschool my boys and have talked to many homeschool moms about The Hallelujah Diet program and given them your website. I hope to soon attend your Health Minister (SM) training. At last, I feel I can finally return to helping those who are sick, only in a far better capacity than I ever could have as a registered nurse.

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