For most of my adult life, I would have defined my health as good. The usual colds and minor inconveniences of acne, constipation, and hypoglycemia. I was blessed to be thin so I thought the favor of God rested on me and I ate what I wanted and when I wanted. Hardly fluctuated a pound no matter what or how much I ate.

In 1995, I slipped while bowling, fell and broke my femur neck bone which connects the leg to the hip. Because of my already consistent exercise program, my recovery from the fracture was relatively quick, but all of the medications up- heaved my metabolism and I seemed to go from one infection to another. In addition to the medically induced depression, nausea, and yeast infections, I learned that I had osteoporosis. I was 45 years old. I thank God now for my accident which alerted me early in life. I could have continued on eating and drinking whatever, and never known that I was destroying my skeletal system with my lifestyle. Years later, I might have snapped the bone before the fall instead of vice versa. I was still seeking some medical solution to the above mentioned problems. The osteoporosis seemed minor at the time. There was no pain or discomfort from that. The approach had left me much worse and fairly dysfunctional. I limped along through my daily routine travailing my dilemma before the Lord and asking and sometimes demanding some relief.

God directed me to a health meeting where the speaker commented that, Cow's milk is for baby cows. It was a Rhema moment for me. It definitely got my attention because I knew that it was true - that it made sense to me. At that meeting were copies of the Hallelujah Acres newsletter and how to get on the mailing list. I called for my own copy and as I read it, my eye caught the health minister training opportunity. Another God appointed moment because as I read it, I remembered a word that the Lord had given me about 5 years before about a new healing ministry. At the time, I was at a prayer school to be trained in deliverance ministry so I thought the word was related to spiritual healing. I wrote it in my journal and moved on. I went back to my journal and as I re-read the word I thought 'this is that' and my husband and I sent in our application for training.

At that time, Health ministry training was still held in Tennessee. We were astounded and blessed at what we heard and saw at the training and immediately began to apply the principles of the Hallelujah Diet. My husband Bob and I both lost a little weight, but this was not our goal. I immediately began to feel better, energy returned, got off all medications and began to feel alive again. At the time I am for training, I was the Parish Administrator at my church, a job which I loved, but, I was so excited about what I learned and my own healing experience on the Hallelujah lifestyle was so dramatic for me, that I asked the Lord if He would release me to be a full time Health Minister. It was two years before that happened, but I continued to share the information to whomever would listen. My own walk through osteoporosis has been challenging because I did not get the results I had hoped for as soon as I had hoped. Plus, I had to convince doctors and naysayers that I still wanted to follow my program when bone density readings were not showing much improvement. Because I sincerely believed that this was God's plan for me, I had decided to stick with it until He told me differently and despite the opposition. I hope this will encourage those who perhaps have not seen the healing or recovery that they had hoped for yet! God's ways are not ours and if we believe that we have heard from God, then we just do it and it is up to Him to effect the result. It wasn't until 5 years later that the bone density reading began to show improvement, so do not grow weary, in the due season you will reap if you faint not.

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