My Husband's Angry Demeanor Has Changed, Thank You!

I would like to just share a very paraphrased testimony of how God has blessed my family through His bringing truth to our lives.

My husband grew up in a very abusive home - hence, he had many issues to overcome as he grew up. He had a number of addictions to overcome, which were all ways of taking away the pain and anger that he was dealing with on a daily basis.

After we were married three years ago, I was faced with the anger that he seemed to have hidden from me while we were courting. It has been very scary at times. My husband is a chef, so he was constantly tasting all sorts of food. About eight months ago we were introduced to the Hallelujah Diet, and started implementing carrot juice and Barleygreen into our diet.

About a month ago, my husband for some reason just stopped eating at work and I started delivering carrot juice to him on a regular basis. Well, he has lost fifteen pounds, and his angry demeanor has changed to calm. I was in such shock at the change, and then I realized that it came when he stopped eating at work and went on the Hallelujah Diet. It is incredible to see the difference that God has brought in him just because we have grasped the truth in God's Word through the Hallelujah Diet. Thank you so much for your ministry and how it has blessed my family! We are continuing to be made whole in every area of our lives since making the diet change.

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