Miraculous Results

I was away the entire month of August taking care of my sister who had cancer. The results were fantastic! When I arrived, she was very, very sick. She had been told on June 28 that she had stage-4 breast cancer, and for the entire month of July had been in and out of the hospital - more in than out. The cancer was spreading very rapidly and she was in a lot of pain. They had already drained 2 gallons of fluid from her stomach twice. The cancer had started in her breast and had spread to her stomach and bones. She was on a puffer for a bad cough, caused by the fluid build up. The doctors had placed her on medication for the cancer in her bones, and had given her one bout of chemo. For the entire month of July, she had not been able to eat or drink hardly anything, had lost 30 pounds, and was having a terrible time keeping anything down.

When I arrived, I started her immediately on BarleyMax the first day. On the second day it was BarleyMax, and I added probiotics and enzymes. On the evening of the second day we got a juicer that our other sister had. On the third day she received BarleyMax, probiotics, enzymes, and carrot juice, along with a little raw food in the evening, which she was able to keep down. By day 4, she felt so much better that she couldn't wait for her lunch. On day 5 she went to church, and was well enough on the 6th day that we were able to go to a hot springs resort for the day. On about the 5th day, I started her on Fiber Cleanse along with BeetMax, as well as the B-12.

Her results were nothing short of miraculous! By the time I came home (after only one month), she was out shopping, helping to make dinner and juice, and told me she did not feel like she had cancer anymore. She had had her stomach pumped out 3 days before I arrived for the second time, but this was not necessary again after I started her on The Hallelujah Diet, along with those supplements. Her cough went away in 3 days, and the pain from the cancer in her ribs went away after a week. It was at this point that she decided on her own to not go for any more chemo and to also stop all her medications. God is so good! I signed her up for a seminar that a health minister is doing at Eagle Rock Ranch on September 17, for the whole day. Health Minister Jerrod Sessler (who saw his Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer go away after adopting The Hallelujah Diet & was featured in Back to the Garden #26), will be there to speak, and my sister will have opportunity to talk to him. I had to let you know the results of my trip - it was so successful with God's help.

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