I wish to give you my son's progress on the Hallelujah Diet. Luke was diagnosed with 'Type 1' diabetes when 22 months old. For the first three months we followed the diet given us by the doctor--basically the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Being engineers, we were hard-core, weighing every gram of food Luke ate for three months. Yet, Luke's blood sugar bounced between 50 and 350! Luke lacked energy and was gaining excess weight. When his blood sugar dropped below 50, he would get dizzy and fall to the ground. After three months on the SAD, his average blood sugar reading (hemoglobin) was 8.6. It was very frustrating.

Then my mother-in-law gave me some tapes on the Hallelujah Diet. We listened to them many times and both agreed to give it a try. In three months on the Hallelujah Diet, Luke's blood sugar dropped to an average of 80-120 and able to cut his insulin by 40%. His energy skyrocketed. It was like having our boy back again. He was running, jumping, playing games. His mental capacity blossomed as well. We juice 45 pounds of carrots a week for Luke and the rest of the family, and besides water, that is all he drinks. His hemoglobin reading is now 6.4!

Even the doctors marvel because they have never seen a 2.5 year-old with such tight control. When we told our doctor about the Hallelujah Diet, his only comment was, 'make sure he takes calcium supplements.' Yea, right! Some doctors are so ignorant. We love the diet and actually crave salads and carrot juice. Please keep up the good work.

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