Dr. Malkmus, I am not sure if I qualify for the 21-day Challenge report, but I want to write and tell you how much I appreciate what you have offered me - a chance to cleanse this temple of the Lord. I have been living the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle since my husband and I spent a week at The Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle Center in Frankewing, Tennessee, this past summer, 2005. Today is January 24, and for five months now, I have been eating living plant foods (85% raw, 15% cooked), juicing and exercising (long walks and swimming).

Many measurable physical changes have occurred. My blood pressure lowered and I was able to stop taking blood pressure pills (Atenolol), that I had used for almost three years. My dry skin plumped and is softer. My chronic diarrhea of almost 15 years disappeared! A problem doctors could not help. hemorrhoids caused by that condition have begun to heal. I weighed 150 pounds when we arrived at the Lifestyle Center. I now weigh 120 pounds, for a 30-pound weight loss. Now I have So much energy, and I look younger. Exercise is helping the skin to firm as muscles develop. I have gone from a 14/16 size to a size 4/6.

But most of all, I am happier. I love learning to prepare the new recipes from the books we bought. Our food is beautiful, straight from the garden, or the produce department. At first it took a little time learning the techniques, but the principles learned can be applied to many of the recipes. Raw food preparation has become second nature and creative. The well-researched, truthful books my husband and I bought at the center has helped us learn about the body's nutritional needs, including what is good and what is harmful. I have not returned to my doctor to have cholesterol or triglycerides checked, but when I do, I expect to get a report that they are normal, or better, as was my blood pressure this December.

Your Back to the Garden magazine, and weekly Health Tips, these books, my husband and the Lord's Word and Spirit are the supportive sources I need in this eastern Oklahoma lake community of fish fry, French-fry, hamburger, steak and potato, coffee and soda pop consumers. The main raw vegetable in our community is a small amount of iceberg lettuce on the hamburger. My husband has lost 25 pounds. He is 68 and I am 62.

We did not miss the traditional turkey with all its trimmings. Rather we had a beautiful Hallelujah Diet meal and a celebration with other Christians at a nearby church. Lyle and I are both grateful to the Lord for your commitment to the Christian community and care of the physical body. We love our new lifestyle and want to share the Lord's loving kindness to us with any who will listen. We want to encourage and thank you.

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