I Have Enjoyed a Wonderful, Productive Thirteen Months

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Hello, Dr. Malkmus--I continue to be blessed by your Health Tips and always look forward to the next one! My 75-year-old mother is now a subscriber, and I forward mine to my sister every time. Here is my testimony

I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in Nov. '98 at the age of 41. Though I had friends and relatives sharing alternative treatments with me, I allowed myself to be 'herded' into the chemotherapy route by doctors who gave me way too much hope in its ability to cure me. Needless to say, it didn't work, and I suffered the horrors of nausea, total hair loss, and the inability to be productive at home and on the job.

Then a wonderful lady at my church shared your tapes with me, and I have been a 'convert' to the ever since. I haven't eaten so much as a bite of meat or dairy since July '99 and have lost nearly fifty pounds! I have resisted my doctor's efforts to start me on new chemotherapy, and I have enjoyed a wonderful, productive thirteen months since recovering from my last chemotherapy--time that would have been a living hell--with a destroyed body--had I gone the world's route again. This is a very tough cancer, and I don't know how it's all going to turn out. But I do know that God is in control, and if He intends to heal me, it will be through this wonderful way He has set forth in His 'guide for everyday living'--the Bible!

Meanwhile, I look and feel wonderful, work every day, and am there for my husband and 8-year-old son. Thank you again, sir, for heeding the Lord's calling! Keep up the great work. God has given you a great work to do and you are being faithful to follow through! My husband and I intend to become Health Ministers. Meanwhile, we spread the word as best we can. I'm always amazed at the resistance, especially among the sick and hurting. I pray that God will allow us to find favor with those who need this message.

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