Mackie and Galena Ash are a brother and sister team who both live in Shelby and help keep each other healthy. They eat lunch together nearly every day at Hallelujah Diet Caf and walk together when they can, as much as 3 miles a day. Mackie is 56 and Gail is 52. They both feel great for their age.

Mackie is a retired police officer. After working a desk job many of his years at the Shelby Police Department, he decided that his next job would involve exercise. He started walking 3 miles a day with his sister and then got a job as a courier which involves walking all day long. The walking helped his blood pressure to go down and he was able to discontinue blood pressure medicine. Along with the walking, Mackie also does push ups, sit-ups and abdominal exercises 6 days a week. He was already trying to eat healthy when he found Hallelujah Diet. Coming to the caf made it easier for him to keep on track with his diet. He eats a healthy organic salad here nearly every day.

Since changing his diet and lifestyle to include Hallelujah food and exercise, he reports, I have more energy, more pep in my step. He has lost about 15 pounds and has noticed improvements in his bowel movements as well. He says if he strays from the diet for more than 2 or 3 days he notices a difference in how he feels.

Gallena gave up pork and beef 30 years ago, and later cut chicken and fish out of her diet. She has an occasional ache or pain but is on no medication and says she 'feels good!' Both she and her brother drink lots of distilled water and Gail also uses apple cider vinegar regularly. She has a cousin who had problems with gas from eating salad, but when Gail gave her organic salad, the problems went away.

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