Dr. John L.

For the past 25 years I have been an osteopathic physician practicing emergency medicine in the allopathic tradition, helping people in crisis with heart attacks, strokes, respiratory distress and many other acute conditions. Most of these emergencies could have been prevented had different life style choices been made.

Now I want to help prevent many of the degenerative and chronic conditions that plague individuals. Our government cannot continue to support the increasing cost of health care. We need to get back to the basics and back to the bible for God's direction for our health and spiritual well being. If we will but acknowledge God in all our ways, He will keep our spiritual and physical lives on track.

Since studying the bible for the biblical foundation of a raw plant based diet, I have found that The Hallelujah Acres Diet is the original diet God designed for our bodies. After practicing medicine for the past 25 years I have been unable to make a significant impact on the health of my patients. If we can just get people to adopt the diet God designed for us, they can be healed from most all diseases. God has only a number of days left for me on this earth and I want to spend them sharing the wisdom I have gained from God's Word and His diet. To Him be all the glory!

I have been a Berean Christian in character. Whenever someone quotes from the Bible, I study the Scriptures with eagerness to see if what has been said is true or not. When someone claims that a method improves a condition, I search the current knowledge database to ascertain whether the evidence is good enough for me to change my life practice.

Since first hearing about The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle eight years ago, I have pondered Scriptures and have reviewed scientific studies. I have come to the conclusion that God created the first man and woman in the garden and set before them the food they were supposed to eat in Genesis 1:29. Any deviation from that initial diet has only caused us trouble with our physical and spiritual lives.

I used to eat a vegetarian diet that included dairy products, exercised regularly and have always been open to healthy lifestyle changes. Despite my best efforts to eat and live healthy, I have experienced viral pericarditis, an atypical nevus initially thought to be melanoma, two kidney stones, abnormal heart rhythms and a benign colon polyp on my hepatic flexure.

I thought I was living a lifestyle and eating a diet that was conducive to health and well being until I learned about the Genesis 1:29 diet through Hallelujah Acres. My wife and I have been on this Hallelujah Acres Diet since 2005. Since making the diet change, I have more energy, no more muscle pain the day after weight training exercises, less body odor, better eyesight, better dental hygiene, no more arthritic knee pain, improved seasonal allergies since eliminating dairy products, and my heart rhythm now remains steady. I owe my health to God and His diet plan. Thank you George Malkmus for The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle and the improvements it has made in my life.

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