It has now been over six months since I made the diet change and I have lost fifty pounds! This has been the first time in my life that I have wondered when the weight will stop falling off! I feel great and I eat all the time, so I'm really not worried about it. I know my body will adjust and get to where it needs to be. It still seems strange that I can eat so much, never go hungry, and still lose weight. It has been wonderful!

I have other wonderful testimonies that I would like to share. My mother made the change a few weeks after I did. She has lost over forty pounds and hasn't had to take blood pressure medication in over five months.

My 85-year-old grandmother made the change about four months ago. She had fallen and injured her back and suffered from back pain every day. She was on pain medication every two hours to hold down the pain. She is now completely off her pain medication and has no more pain in her back! She has also lost almost forty pounds and feels great!

There's more, I work for a family practice clinic as office manager, and I have been sharing information with the staff for the last six months. I now have the whole front office staff, including the nurse, on the Diet! The doctor came to me and told me that he would like more information on the Hallelujah Diet. I loaned him my copy of 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' He came to me the next day and told me that it made total sense and that he wanted to start on the diet. It has been two weeks since he made the change and he says he feels great! He said that he is amazed at all the things he can eat, and how simple the diet is to follow. He is a wonderful Christian man, and I pray that he can use the knowledge that he learns on the Hallelujah Diet in the treatment of his patients.

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