I Was Declared Cancer Free

In 1994 I noticed a lump on my breast and it was taken out. Testing showed it was not malignant. Subsequently, every two years the lump reappeared on the same right breast and the results were the same.

However, in 2001 the pain became very excruciating so I visited my doctor in London who recommend a proper test to be done as the color of my breast had become dark green and swollen. The first two tests of ultrasound and mammogram showed I was alright. But thank God for the doctor who insisted I must do a needle biopsy. That was done and the test came out that it was malignant.

They recommended that I must quickly go in for chemotherapy or radiation. I was so confused and could not understand why as a pastor and a Christian I should have cancer. But now I know it was due to my very poor eating habits and wrong lifestyle. When I refused the orthodox way of treatment I was asked to sign that they are not liable to anything that happens to me and that I rejected their offer, which I did.

Prior to this time, my Pastor had given me Rev. Malkmus' book, "God's Way to Ultimate Health" and that helped me to make my decision against chemo and radiation. I also refused any surgery. Rev. Malkmus' book was God's answer to prayer. I began to devour the book and I called it my second Bible. I changed my diet immediately to raw fruits and vegetables. I took away from my diet soft drinks and anything processed, and I began to exercise and drink BarleyMax and lots of carrot juice everyday. I trusted God for my healing and prayed extensively and read my Bible, applying the word to my breast too.

I began to lose weight so much that I came down to a size 10 from a size 22 (English). I did not care about the weight because I noticed a boost of energy when I began with the BarleyMax. I loved feeling fresh and full of life and energy. I was off cooked food for a couple of months. I noticed that the lump began to shrink in size so I persisted in doing the things I was doing. So, when finally I was convinced I was healed, I went to my doctor in Nigeria, precisely in Jos to check. The surprise on her face and her joy cannot be explained as she tried to locate the lump and could not find one. By the way she is a Christian doctor who knew I had chosen this new lifestyle. However, she recommended that I should go for a needle biopsy and when the result came out I was declared cancer free. I have remained healthy and youthful and cancer free for two years now. Moreover, I was healed of a plague called tonsillitis (had if for more than 10 years), arthritis, and an ulcer of 15 years.

Praise God and many thanks to Rev. Malkmus who obeyed God by writing that book and for what he is doing at the Hallelujah Acres. I am proud of you and your wife and am praying for you that the world will hear this message of hope, especially church folks.

I have started a program in my state called "Gods Way To Ultimate Health" and have started to educate people that they do not have to be sick and the response has been encouraging. God bless you all.

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