My Condition Has Now Stabilized and No Further Treatment Is Needed

At this time last year my mum bought me a juicer as a Christmas present and I started to change my diet with a plan to try and improve some problems I was having with my diabetes and my eyes.

In short, the results are pleasing after a year. In the last week I have again visited the eye unit at our hospital and been told that my condition has now stabilized and no further treatment is needed. I now have a checkup every six months instead of every three months so that is a good judge of how well the control now is. This past year I have learned so much from you about food, diet and eating, and not only has my diabetic control improved but other problems have disappeared as well.

One of the major changes was my attitude towards food and insulin. This attitude is one that I have grown with for the past 30 years, and that is that you need to eat to satisfy the insulin. What rubbish we are taught! I now eat less than ever and feel better for it and the amount of insulin that I am injecting is much reduced. Over all, my diabetic control has improved on the carrot juice and I intend to continue as the benefits are so great that it would be suicide to stop. Keep up the good work and thank you for the continued information that is supplied.

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