All of My Complaints Are Now History!

It is with love and humbleness in my heart that I'd like to express gratitude for your inspiration to teach the message of God to His children about health. It has been one and a half years since I committed myself to the Hallelujah Diet. The reason I got on your diet was because of your video that my friend loaned me. I watched it every day for six days, two and one-half hours each time.

At age 61 I was declared with permanent disability. My low back pain, caused by vertebra and disks being worn out, was making life impossible. Drugs increased bowel problems, resulting in surgery. My cholesterol was impossible to normalize. I also suffered with rheumatism, pain in my joints, colds, heart problems, liver problems, digestion problems, along with all their consequences. I was also overweight.

But all of these complaints are now history! I'm a new man. No more complaints of any kind--it is wonderful! I have not enough words of appreciation to express my gratitude to God and especially to you, George. Your books and tapes, together with your weekly Health Tips, are my best inspirations. But they are not only helping me, but many others. About 25 people have joined the Hallelujah Diet here, facing many different sicknesses, as bad as one person with three different types of cancer. Many of them have become new persons with the results that you already know. Your work is so exciting because it embraces the message of God from the beginning of the creation. It is truth, and truth always means victory, victory against the powers of evil.

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