The Body Responds So Quickly to Living Food No Matter What Religion A Person Follows

Dear George, About 5 years ago, my amazing wife Robyn, who has given birth to our 12 children, and is as beautiful today as when I met her 36-years-ago, had a painful kidney stone and developed high blood pressure. I researched how this came about and discovered the website. I told her of this and she bought a Champion juicer and for 21 days went on The Hallelujah Diet. I too added a lot more raw to my diet, but sadly the juicer found a shelf. Earlier this year, I visited Florida for 2 months and followed the Hallelujah diet again, and lost 25 pounds. When I returned to Australia, everyone commented on how good I looked. I got the juicer back out and tried to get some family to get on the diet, but no go!

Then 5 weeks ago, my wife was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the uterus. She had an operation to remove the tumor growth and when she returned from the doctor after the tests she was booked into a specialist for a full hysterectomy and chemotherapy. I was horrified and she was devastated! That day we both went 'cold turkey' on The Hallelujah Diet. I ordered the BarleyMax and B12, got some organic flax oil, and a 10-kilo sack of organic carrots. And Robyn started drinking eight 8 oz glasses of carrot juice a day, BarleyMax, raw organic salads, and a light vegetable broth. We declined any operation or chemotherapy! I said I know too much about how the body heals itself
thanks to Internet research and Hallelujah Diet.

Since starting back on The Hallelujah Diet 5-weeks-ago, Robyn's arthritis is almost gone, she has lost 15 pounds, her blood pressure is now 120/80, and she is off all medications. She has yet to be tested for the cancer and I will keep you posted on this. The main thing I had to deal with was that she could not believe such a simple diet change would work. All her life she has always visited the doctors, taken their pills, vitamins, herbal remedies, but she was a cookaholic, and rarely ever ate raw. She just
believed that cooked food was the best.

Every day for the past 5-weeks I have had to constantly assure her that the 'world's way' is a huge trick. In Florida, I visited a huge supermarket and right next door was a huge drug store, while across the road was a small tin shack with an old man selling beautiful fruits and vegetables. I suddenly realized that here was the perfect world's system for making money. Feed the people food that is guaranteed to make them sick -- Then sell them the drugs to fix them -- While all the time the living food solution sits there in small gardens and shops all around the world.

Now, after 5-weeks, the toxic crying has stopped, her doubts are leaving her, and there is no more talk of operations and chemotherapy. Her doctor showed her a fax from some high important doctors in London who tested her blood and said according to the machine they use, she had a -10 reading (-500 is near death). And there at the foot of the fax was the conclusion of the doctors at the clinic that chemotherapy should be abandoned! As we discussed this with the doctor, he told story after story of shocking cases of chemotherapy and operations that went bad and the cancer kept on moving. He then said, 'I have one patient who is currently visiting the Western Australian desert, who is doing wonderfully and is using some diet called Hallelujah.'

That was all I needed Robyn to hear. Now she feels so good and now believes that the Light of Christ shines in every glass of carrot juice and in her body temple. I am delighted, because now the 'chef of the family' is a Hallelujah woman, and the juicer is always working. Thank you for a great work! Many of our friends and family follow different faiths, from Catholic to Tibetan Buddhism, but they all get sick! The body responds so quickly to the living food no matter what religion a person follows!

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