Glad I Started The Hallelujah Diet

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I began The Hallelujah Diet on February 9, 2009 weighing 209 pounds, after an awful bout with the flu. I had just learned about the diet from a friend of ours who had been on The Hallelujah Diet for several years and spoken very highly of it because their own health had improved so dramatically on the diet.

Because of their testimony, I decided to give the diet a try myself, with my primary goal being to improve my immunity. I was just so sick and tired of constantly being so often sick and tired. Well, after only two days on the diet I already felt better and over the past several months, even though others around me were getting sick, I wasn't. Previously, every time one of my kids was sick I would get sick, and it would take me weeks to recover.

By the way, my husband saw how much healthier I was becoming, and in March he joined me on the diet, with his primary goal being weight loss. Thus far on the diet I have lost 10 pounds. And though I haven't as yet begun an exercise program, I am finding I have more energy to do the basic housework and mom stuff. The coolest thing is that today I went for my annual eye glass examination and my doctor had to decrease the strength of my lenses. He said my eyesight had improved! Immediately I thought 'it's because of the Hallelujah Diet.' I praise God for leading me to your ministry.

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Diabetic Symptoms Improved on The Hallelujah Diet

Diabetic Symptoms Improved on The Hallelujah Diet

I was already a Type 1 juvenile diabetic when I...

Steven - Windsor, CT

Steven - Windsor, CT

I was born in 1954, the son of an ex-POW from W...

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