Steven - Windsor, CT

I was born in 1954, the son of an ex-POW from World War II, when I joined the 'baby-boomer' generation. My dad had vowed during his stay in a Nazi prisoner of war camp, where they never had enough to eat, that if he lived through the experience, none of his children would ever know the hunger he was experiencing. Well, he survived his POW internment, married my mom, and started a family. I want you to know that he made good on his vow that his children would never experience hunger. After I was born, and for the next 41-years, I consumed all the SAD (Standard American Diet) I wanted.

As a result of consuming an abundance of this SAD diet, in 2005 I was diagnosed with a combination cardio hypertrophy and atherosclerosis. My heart was enlarged on the left side, building muscle to allow circulation (hypertrophy) through the left side of my heart, where I had hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). At the insistence of my cardiologist I began to change my diet by giving up meat, dairy, and most grain products. After just six months following my giving up of animal products, I had experienced much improvement of my heart but my hemoglobin ATC had not improved from the 5.7 original score at the doctor's office.

Then in 2006, my wife learned of Hallelujah Acres and the Hallelujah Acres diet, and took a raw food course and in April 2007 I completed the same course, and began eating a primarily raw plant based diet with lots of freshly extracted vegetable juices. By July 2007, my hemoglobin ATC score read 4.7 and all my other readings were 'normal or better.' My doctor was ecstatic, as was I, with these incredible improvements. As for why I desire to become a Health Minister: With obesity at epidemic proportions in the United States as well as the many countries overseas who have been affected by the American SAD food diet, the need for an alternative, enlightened approach to eating and nutrition could not be greater.

Based on my own experience with the Hallelujah Diet, coupled with the testimonies of thousands of others like myself, who have experienced recovery from disease by a changed diet, I believe the Hallelujah Diet is the most viable solution for an ailing populaces' nutritional needs. As a Health Minister I intend to open a 'Raw Bed and Breakfast' here in Connecticut, where my patrons will be treated to scrumptious Hallelujah Acres recipes, along with my wife's crowd-pleasing raw desserts, along with a Christian environment to promote both physical and spiritual healing. In addition, we want to carry this health message to our surrounding community. My heart's desire is to serve the Lord so that through my life, the Lord can help others understand as I do, that 'living for God is the greatest human adventure there is available in this day in which we live.'

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