I would like to subscribe to your weekly Health Tip. I have been following the Hallelujah Diet for nine months, and have lost an amazing 110 pounds. Thank you very, very much!

When I wrote to you to subscribe to your Health Tip, I never realized you paid such personal attention to them. I was honored to have a personal e-mail from you. God has been so good to me. He has blessed me with the will power and strength to follow this Hallelujah Diet plan. The weight loss has only been the bonus. The blessing has been freeing my body of all medications. Before adopting the Hallelujah Diet I was on three high-blood pressure medicines, plus potassium for the problems these medicines caused. In addition, I was taking 1000 mg of Naproxen for arthritis, and Prilosec to counter what the arthritis medicine was doing to me.

I was taking antibiotics for chronic ear infections and steroids for chronic bronchitis as a result of lupus. And to top it all off, I had suffered with sleep apnea for the past six years and had to use a c-pap machine in order to sleep. Then I was told in August 1999 I would need two total knee replacements. At age 49 I said 'no, no, no!'

I am excited to be able to tell you that after only five months on the Hallelujah Diet I was drug free, and have remained drug free and pain free for the past four months. Once again, thank you Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda. I will be seeing you at Health Ministry Training in July.

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