I Noticed Significant Improvements After Just 5 Days!

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I am from Florida and had wanted to attend one of the God's Way to Ultimate Health seminars for such a long time. After reading about Rev. Malkmus and Hallelujah Acres, I became motivated to start the diet. I needed a jump-start, so, Labor Day Weekend 2006, I traveled to Shelby, NC.

I was amazed to see and hear Rev. Malkmus as he energetically ran onto the stage and began speaking so vibrantly. He is a dynamic person. I left with such enthusiasm and hope. I started the diet, and within three weeks, began feeling better. I had been diagnosed with systemic lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation of unknown origin, and high blood pressure. I had been on a number of prescriptions.

In just three weeks after starting the plant-based diet, I lost almost two sizes. Prior to starting the Hallelujah lifestyle, I did not have the stamina or energy to even walk around my block. I walked with a limp, and could not stand up straight on many days. In fact on some days, I hardly had enough energy to get out of bed. My body ached all over and my joints were swollen. Even though I truly wanted to exercise, the mere thought of exercising made me hurt even more.

By just the fifth day on the diet, I noticed I was not hurting as much as usual, and I had energy. I began going to the gym and working out every day including an hour of cardio and weight training three times aweek. I was ecstatic as I had not been able to work out in years! My overall stamina and energy level increased daily. I am proud to say that, presently, I am not taking any prescription drugs.

Earlier this year, on a family vacation, my son and I hiked a challenging nature trail within a rainforest in Hawaii. I am pleased and thankful to say that I was successful. Most of the other hikers were half my age.

Several months ago, I had a water pipe break in the house, which resulted in a flood, and our displacement from the house for four months. We temporarily moved to an extended stay hotel, which only had a small refrigerator and a microwave. I did not have my juicer with me, and consequently, I returned to poor eating habits. Needless to say, by the end of the first week, my body-aches returned and by the third week, I was experiencing inflammation. This only confirmed to me that eating God's way and following the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle is the most healthful way. We are now home and I have started my juicing and healthy eating regime again. I know that before long I will be feeling as well and energetic as I did earlier this year.

One last note, my Mother is 82 years old and lives with me. She also is on the diet. She has many health challenges, including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. We have stopped all ofher rheumatoid "poison" medicines, and decreased her blood sugar medicines in half. She is doing remarkably better. She is more mobile, doesn't have nearly the pain, and overall feeling much better. Her doctor is in awe and totally impressed.

I want to say thank you to Rev. George and Rhonda Malkmus for your ministry and Hallelujah for all that you do for people around the world!

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Diabetic Symptoms Improved on The Hallelujah Diet

Diabetic Symptoms Improved on The Hallelujah Diet

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Steven - Windsor, CT

Steven - Windsor, CT

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