My daddy used to say 'when you hit 40-years-old, you will start falling apart." Well, I waited until 45 years old. It started when a parathyroid tumor was found. Surgery, to remove the tumor was done, but the doctor couldn't find it on his first try, so a second surgery had to be done 4- weeks later. The tumor was found this time, but proved to be benign. Then the doctor told me that the pain I was having in my left foot was arthritis and told me to take Tylenol and keep moving.Eighteen months later I learned it was a neuroma (a tumor formed of nerve tissue), that would require surgery, because the doctor had waited too long to treat it. Surgery was done, but an additional neuroma formed requiring another surgery. Two surgeries on the same location of my foot caused the sympathetic nervous system to go haywire and I developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), a malfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. Depression set in, caused by the chronic high-level pain coming from the RSD. During this time I had also developed hypertension, acid reflux, hypokalemia and iron deficiency anemia. Doctors then gave me iron infusions and iron shots, and told me to 'eat more meat,' but that only made things worse. Then menopause hit. I was miserable all the time. Now I was reduced to dragging through life, searching for answers to my health problems on my own. Then I found Rev. Malkmus' book, The Hallelujah Diet, on a Wal-Mart shelf. God had prepared me for this moment, so I purchased the book, and devoured it. I immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and the rest is history. It is now six months since I made the diet change and I am sleeping without pills for the first time in years; I am off my medicine for acid reflux, depression and hypokalemia. the hypoglycemia has ended and my skin has been restored. The RSD in my foot has gone into remission. Interestingly, in my search for help with the RSD I bought a medical school textbook on RSD that listed foods that make RSD symptoms worse, and they were the same foods The Hallelujah Diet book tells us we should avoid. None of the 6-doctors who had treated my RSD condition ever talked to me about diet. I have also lost 50 pounds and my cholesterol has dropped from 220 to 184. I now have much more energy and have been able to stop taking most of the drugs I was taking for spinal pain, adrenal fatigue, along with my depression medications. My health has improved so much since I adopted the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle that I want to become a Health Minister. People in my family, church, and at work have asked me what I did to lose the weight and improve my health and appearance. I just can't stop telling people it was The Hallelujah Diet that made me well. There are so many people I know that this lifestyle would help and I am already sharing this diet with them. Several have bought Rev. Malkmus' book and a number of them have begun making diet changes. When I was experiencing all those physical problems, I didn't think it was a blessing. Well, I did find the good in it all when I found Hallelujah Acres. Since discovering the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle, and learning about God's natural laws, things are making so much sense. It is really so simple yet sometimes hard for people to grasp. Its much like salvation, we just need to turn to God and follow His ways!

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