We had moved to a farm community after I had given birth to our two children, via c-section and although the physical stress of a CPA career had been laid down, I now had the stress of parenting and making ends meet on a very tight budget. We had a garden and a small orchard that I maintained with chemical and combined with exposures resulting from remodeling the farm house, refinishing floors, two c-sections, prescriptions, and household detergents, I was maxed out physically, and very toxic.

I made a covenant with God that I would never eat sugar again, if He would get me out of the severe pain I was experiencing that the doctors could not diagnose. The pain left and I have kept my promise. Little by little, God showed me what "foods" to eliminate from my diet, refined oils, refined flours and sugars, dairy, and by 1998, I was dairy free but still not well. By 2001, I was at the end of my rope, still eating meat, mostly cooked food, when I discovered Hallelujah Acres.

The message confirmed my long journey and when I finally cut out meat, found a good naturopath and chiropractor, and ate more raw and added Barleyjuice and carrot juice, I was finally on the road to full recovery and all the ailments were eliminated! They were chronic fatigue, aching joints, acne, headaches, depression, volatile emotions, stage III Candida, immune dysfunction, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, severe food allergies, skin rashes, chemical sensitivity, weight gain, dry brittle hair, dry skin and liver spots.

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