There are two concerns that take precedence above all else in my life - my love for God and my concern for good health. How joyous it is to be able to have a title that joins these two together - Health Minister! Being a Health Minister will allow me to discuss God's Word with people and help them understand that better lifestyle choices will lead to a higher quality of life.

I would like to share the Hallelujah Health Message with people who struggle with obesity, diabetes, acne, etc, showing them how to alleviate the cause of such suffering through a simple diet change. I have an obligation spiritually and morally to share this Health Message. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I have lost 15 pounds and seen the following physical problems disappear: severe PMS, fatigue, painfully swollen breasts, acne, and stomach pain.

Prior to making the diet change, doctors were providing no cause or solution for my problems, so they had me on anti-depressants, and progesterone, hoping they would help. They didn't, but rather made things worse. I felt in my heart that an answer would come from God, and it did when I stumbled onto the Hallelujah Acres website. As I started to read the information on that website, it wasn't long before I realized I had found the truth, as well as the solution to my physical problems. Almost immediately upon making the diet change, I realized that indeed, I had found the truth as well as the solution to my physical ills, as my body started to heal.

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