Thank you for your letter which appears on your website. You and I have much in common, as we are both Christian cancer survivors. I was a minister's wife for twenty-five years. In addition, we both sought God's word for nutritional advice to regain our health.

Before my breast cancer, I was told that I would have poor health in my older years because of osteoporosis and the possibility of diabetes. So, I asked God to tell me what to eat. I read His word, but He also whispered in my spirit the kinds of fruits and vegetables that would help me in my health battle. So, I started putting these raw substances in a blender and drinking them. My breast cancer came on shortly thereafter, and now I know that God Was getting me prepared to fight a deadly enemy, not the cancer, but the chemotherapy, which nearly killed me twice. Had it not been for God's wonderful bounty of goodness packed in those fruits and vegetables, I would not be here today.

I've written a book, "Walk Free from Fear of Cancer" , which will be published soon, in which I call for changes in the medical profession concerning cancer care, individualizing cancer treatments and using nutrition instead of poisons. I also give other victims advice on how to survive cancer, and more importantly, modern treatments.

Along with the book, I was forced to create recipes for what I now call me "Gammi Smoothie". I'm a board member of Wind Horse Healing Arts Center, a group of practitioners dedicated to natural healing, and I do workshops on nutrition, especially for cancer support groups. When I took my nutritional smoothie idea to these groups, they began to ask me for specific recipes for specific tastes, like chocolate, and also for specific recipes for specific health problems, like circulatory problems that lead to heart disease. So for the last three years, I've been slaving in the kitchen, burning up blenders and studying books on nutritional healing, to come up with delicious, drinkable nutrition, specifically tailored to different nutritional needs. Since I'm a very busy university professor and author, I need "fast" , on-the-go nutrition, so my smoothies must be meal replacements as well.

I started out giving people recipes, but soon those at my workshops were clamoring me for to make the smoothies for them. "I'm too lazy," they said. "Someone will have to make these for me. I'll pay you to make them." I barely have time enough to make my own, much less everyone else's. That led me to get a provisional patent for the product, which I hope to sell to a company that makes nutritional products and has the same philosophy of healing that I do. Ideally, I would like to enter into a partnership with such a company, wherein I could help promote the company's products in my books.

My second book along these lines is in the works and is titled, "Well and Whole: Everyday Practices for Healing." It will contain advice for nutritional healing and other holistic healing practices, along with "home recipes" for smoothies that people can make at home if they prefer fresh produce.

The reason I'm writing to you is that powdered barley is one of the main ingredients in all my smoothie recipes. I choose to use only Hallelujah Acres Barley Max, which I get from the Natural Foods Market in Johnson City, TN. I have tried other, cheaper brands and more expensive brands, but none has the quality of Barley Max. Not only do the cells in my body know the difference, but my nose and taste buds know the difference. Your company shares my philosophy of organic quality and God's word for our health and its is within driving distance as well.

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