I am one of Dr. Malkmus' true followers. Seven years ago I had my first acoustic neuroma removed after going to 3 different doctors who told me I had sinus problems. It took a 4th doctor to tell me it was much more than a sinus problem. The surgery took over 12 hours, and left me with total hearing loss on my right side. Four years later, I knew something wasn't right, and an MRI revealed the brain tumor had re-grown with a vengeance and was larger than the first one that had been removed. A group of doctors said there was too much scar tissue for another surgery, and so they recommended full-blown hallo radiation. Three months after the radiation, the doctor's removed a Warthin's tumor from the parotid gland on the same right side of my face. This caused serious facial paralysis, not allowing my right eye to close. They also put me on large dosages of steroids because of a serious loss of balance. Then they diagnosed me with a hemorrhaging brain tumor. In June 2007 I had surgery for a ruptured disc in my back, which ruptured again, requiring a second back surgery in July. They continued my steroids, thinking this was the only thing that could be done, as the brain tumor had now tripled in size. Thanksgiving I was in the emergency room for over 8 hours, and they took another MRI. After that emergency room experience, I decided to take matters into my and God's hands for the first time, after giving the doctors 7-years to fix my problems. I went 'cold turkey' the day after Thanksgiving 2007 on The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle (I don't like to call it a 'diet'). One month after adopting The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle, I had another MRI. My doctor showed me the MRI taken at Thanksgiving and the new MRI taken a month after my diet and lifestyle change. He placed them side by side, and for the first time ever, my tumor and brain edema is shrinking. The tumor's consistency is changing as it should have done with the radiation, but didn't. My doctor wanted to know what I was doing, but didn't hear a word I said, when I told him that I stopped eating meat and dairy etc., and simply changed what I was eating. He wanted to believe that it was something he had done that had caused the change, but his steroids were killing me and I had stopped taking them back in November when I went on The Hallelujah Diet. He then told me that he thought I was going to survive and ordered another MRI in 6- months. When the nurse scheduled my MRI, she told me that recent blood work revealed that I was no longer diabetic. Since adopting The Hallelujah Lifestyle, I have also lost 10-pounds and have more energy than I had 20-years ago. I feel like I can now have a life by following the Hallelujah Lifestyle forever! Rev. Malkmus has given me my life back. I will have my next MRI in June and hopefully he won't be able to find the tumor by then. The doctor will probably continue to think that he is responsible, and possibly publish it in some medical journal, but I know who really did it - me, with Rev. Malkmus' guidance, and God.

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