Take the energy level for instance; when one is young, there is little concern over energy. When you turn 70 and the energy level seems to run on empty, life seems to be unreasonably difficult.

Is there anything one can do to escape the ravages of age on our bodies? Is there a way to prolong our enjoyment of life? Can we change our life style and promote better health? Is there something we have been missing which will keep us in better health? Is there some effective way to lose weight? Does anyone have answers?

I believe "yes" is the answer to all the questions listed above. My answer 14 years ago would have been entirely negative. At that time, I was in a bad way due to a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The doctors had wanted to operate or use radiation, but all the evidence I could find indicated the benefits of medical intervention did not justify the risks.

Before I had even learned of Rev. George Malkmus, my experience with cancer began to mirror his experience. I immediately embarked on a serious study of cancer and, to make a long story short, stopped cancer through diet change and nutrient supplementation.
However, the doctor had prescribed hormonal drugs for me. Over time, they began adversely affecting my energy level together with some side effects (hot flashes), and I was leading to a life of frustrating inactivity. It was time for another solution.

Then, in January of 1999, someone told me about a minister in North Carolina who had been cured of colon cancer by simply changing his diet just like I had! What kind of diet was he on that helped him? Had there been others who have had the same results? After learning of Rev. George Malkmus and Hallelujah Acres through a Health Minister friend, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet with enthusiasm, and instantly observed beneficial changes. (Gone were my cancer contacts in the medical system. No more medicine, tests, or exams.)

Soon, the energy returned and a different life began. My body seemed to come to life as all the toxins began to leave and the excess fat left. Coffee was next to go, which caused three days of agony. But the important thing to know is, that after three days this agony disappeared. I had taken charge of my health. I lost 25 pounds. The nasal drainage I had since a child disappeared, allergies left, my hair quit falling out. The cancer, as measured by PSA testing, was under control. The wrinkles on my face began to tighten and many are gone! I haven't had a cold for years (with no flu shots). I feel like a kid again, not bad for an 88-year-old guy recovering from cancer.

I learned I had to be a fighter if cancer was to be whipped and I was determined to lick it. With lots of faith in God, and dedication to the diet, I have entered a new phase of living, and I am enjoying it! I renewed my golf game (walking often) and I am practicing regularly. I started shooting my age at 79 (the ultimate goal for a senior), and have continued this program to date. I credit the golfing experience I have in playing twice a week and practicing twice a week with helping to age gracefully.

I was most anxious to share the good news with all my sick friends, that they need not be sick;
that simply changing their diet could change their lives like it had done with mine. So, I traveled to North Carolina to take the training necessary to become a Heath Minister and join the thousands of other Health Ministers in 46 countries who are working hard to get out the message to this generation, you don't have to be sick.

Mark Twain once said, "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I guess that applies to good health as well! Initially, my activities as a Health Minister were minimal as so many refused help. Gradually a few were agreeable to hear me out and the classes I taught were filling. Since becoming a Health Minister I have taught about 100 people that "you don't have to be sick." I enjoy helping people get free of disease. Many of these have rid themselves of problems, medications, and pounds and that's cool!

In addition to the diet, I do stretching exercises& lots of twisting, bending, and strengthening exercises. I have also discovered the incredible benefits of rebounding as an exercise and also to build up the immune system. This is a remarkably easy way to maximize my immune system, get some needed exercise, and to stimulate the lymphatic system, which rids the body of toxins.

I also spend a lot of time reading and studying. There is so much to learn correcting all the false information we have been given about nutrition through the years; I wonder where it will end. But, I have made substantial progress. For this, I am thankful, spending about an hour a day in study.

The Hallelujah Diet is certainly a radical plan to get your body in shape to enjoy a long, long life.
That is what I thought when we first embarked on this momentous journey of separating ourselves from the world's ideas of the proper food we should be eating. I felt like some kind of a martyr, having to give up all the foods I had come to know and love. However, the wonderful taste of all the forbidden foods diminished, and I could easily do without them! It was certainly an important discovery to learn that steaks and ice cream don't taste nearly as good as soups and salads. I also discovered how incredibly good real food tastes. As I reflect back on the process, it was more of an adventure than a sacrifice, and very much worth the effort.

Life is all about living out the choices we make along the way. I made a choice in 1999 to change my way of living by changing my diet. Ten years have passed and I can evaluate the results: The energy level stays high when I stay on the diet; when I stray, there is a noticeable reduction in energy and my general sense of well being. My blood pressure is excellent; as are my cholesterol, triglycerides, and all the other factors they test in the blood.

Incidentally, my wife, Frances, joined me on The Hallelujah Diet in 1999. At the time, she weighed 145 pounds and was only 5'2" , and had many physical problems. She is now 90 years old, weighs 105 and her health is excellent. She had a fall in 2007 and broke her hip; but the doctor told her that, due to her excellent physical condition at the time of the accident, his job was easy and her healing was rapid. Frances is a pianist and has played in nursing homes for 50 years as a volunteer. When she was 88, she completed a CD of Christian music and when she turned 90, a second one was completed. She claims the Hallelujah Diet has saved her life. Her experience confirms her claim!

All things considered, by following God's direction in Genesis 1:29, I think we made a wise choice. If you choose this way of life, be prepared to live free from the physical problems affecting this generation, keeping your body (the temple of the Holy Spirit) healthy and available for the Master's use. He said in Genesis, "man's life will be 120 years." It is a worthy goal.

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