As God Began to Work in Our Lives, Our Bodies Began to Heal

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My wife and I first heard about Hallelujah Acres from an ad on our local Gospel Radio Station. We looked up Hallelujah Acres online and immediately began making diet and lifestyle changes. We also made the decision to gain as much knowledge as possible, so we took the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced class produced by Hallelujah Acres.

As God began to work in our lives, and our bodies began to heal, we began to have a burden to minister this information to others who were suffering needlessly from physical problems, as our family had previously suffered. We attended Health Minister Training at Hallelujah Acres in November 2005 and soon began a ministry here in Winston Salem.

Upon returning home, we approached our pastor about sharing the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle with our church family. He was very supportive and we started teaching a class on Sunday Mornings. Soon we started hearing testimonies of healing coming from those we had shared the information with, and our burden to reach ever more people with this information grew deeper.

Now it was time to expand our ministry to the community. We began teaching the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced class series, and the classes have grown over time. We now hold weekly accountability classes, monthly support classes, Health Food store tours, exercise demonstrations, personal counseling, and culinary classes where we teach people how to prepare healthy foods.

God has been so good to us! It is so exciting to see folks that have been dealing with physical ailments, for sometimes long periods of time, make the simple lifestyle changes back to eating the way God originally designed, and experiencing a degree of health they thought could never be possible for them!

One of our greatest experiences has been the remarkable healing our own family has received since adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Jay has completely recovered from lifelong allergies to almost everything under the sun, plus dermatitis, chronic insomnia, he had experienced for 20- years, and he has lost 20 pounds.

Angela has recovered from Osteoporosis, hormone imbalances, sinus infections, a cyst on her pancreas is gone, Celiac Disease and infertility. Our first two children were the result of fertility treatments. That was before we learned about The Hallelujah Diet. Because of The Hallelujah Diet, we are now expecting our first Hallelujah baby. To God be the glory!

Our oldest son, now 5, prior to putting him on the Hallelujah Diet, had experienced 10 ear infections. Since the diet change, he has not had a single ear infection. Our second son, now 4, was born with severe Dysphagia, Gerd, developmental delays, and sensory integration disorder..Just before putting him on The Hallelujah Diet, we were looking at surgery and a feeding tube for him. After we started him on carrot juice, BarleyMax�, and making his baby food out of raw vegetables, we took him off his medications and refused any further medical attention. Today our son is completely well and no longer suffers from all those physical problems that had earlier plagued him.

We pray for and seek God's direction for our Health Ministry. The Word of God is true and you really do not have to be sick! We would like to invite you to attend our classes on Monday evenings and learn more about this awesome Health Message given us by our Creator! May God bless you with vibrant health!

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