Almost Immediately My Diarrhea Went Away

In January of 1999, I decided to start on the Hallelujah Diet. Before the diet change, I had been experiencing diarrhea every day for the previous two years. Almost immediately after starting the Hallelujah Diet, my diarrhea went away. Prior to the diet change, I had also been experiencing severe fatigue--needing at least eleven hours of sleep daily I was also experiencing little dots of bright light in the corners of my eyes, which are now gone.

My sense of smell, and taste, have returned. Mentally, I am much healthier and my mood swings (including long periods of crying) have stopped. But that is not the end of my testimony. Prior to going on the Hallelujah Diet, I had been on birth control pills for a year. This caused an abnormal Pap smear, for which they wanted to do additional testing. I allowed the first series of tests, but when they wanted to do more testing I refused, and was told by my doctors that my condition could become cancerous if I didn't follow their advice. Instead, I increased my carrot juice and dehydrated barley juice powder, and found a doctor who was willing to wait six months to re-examine me. When I was re-examined in October 1999, no irregular cells could be found. I even went back three months later just to be sure, and everything was fine.

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