The Lord Brought The Hallelujah Diet Into My Life

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In the year 2005 I had by-pass surgery. Seven weeks later I had to have gallbladder surgery. Then in March 2009, just before adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It was shortly after that cancer diagnosis the Lord brought the Hallelujah Diet into my life.

In addition to the above physical problems, when I began the Hallelujah Diet, I was also a diabetic, had high blood pressure, acid reflux, and suffered with severe sinus headaches. Within four weeks of starting the Hallelujah Diet, I was able to stop taking medication for my diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and acid reflux, and within six months of starting the Hallelujah Diet, my sinus headaches were gone.

After experiencing these tremendous improvements in my health I started sharing my testimony with others, and they too experienced improvement in their health. Because of all these wonderful improvements in health I, as well as my wife's, as well as others, after making a simple diet change, I want to learn more so that I will be better able to help ever more people experience the health God desires for His children.

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