My Acne, Constipation, and Headaches All Cleared Up!

Steven - Windsor, CT Reading My Acne, Constipation, and Headaches All Cleared Up! 1 minute Next Diabetic Symptoms Improved on The Hallelujah Diet

I have been a subscriber for four years and share info from the Health Tips with others as well as encouraging others to sign up for it. I adopted The Hallelujah Diet in September 2005 when you came to Nashville, TN and spoke at Christ Church, and I have been on the diet ever since.

The changes in my health since adopting the diet have been amazing and exciting. Following are a few of the results I experienced after making the diet change: Acne, for which I had been seeing a dermatologist since I was a teenager, cleared up; Constipation and sometimes blood in stool, gone; Headaches, gone, and no longer have need of pain relievers and now have lots of energy.

My mom and dad and husband have also made major changes in diet. Rev. Malkmus, thank you so much for this ministry. You are a blessing and making a difference for the better in so many lives. I appreciate you! Keep up the good work.

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