A Vitamin-Packed Winter Salad to Warm You Up & Boost Your Immune System

A Vitamin-Packed Winter Salad to Warm You Up & Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Your Immune System (With Maximum Results & Minimal Hassle) Reading A Vitamin-Packed Winter Salad to Warm You Up & Boost Your Immune System 4 minutes Next Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Looking for a filling dish that will keep your stomach full but also help you lose weight? Look no further than Chef Rich's Winter Greens Salad with Roasted Squash & Wild Mushrooms—also the perfect immunity booster, just in time for cold/flu season! One serving of this hearty salad is just 490 calories partly thanks to butternut squash, which is only 82 calories and contains zero fat. On top of that, it's bursting with vitamins A and C, which is phenomenal for your hair, skin and nails, as well as strengthening your immunity. Wild mushrooms are also known to help with weight management, increase Vitamin D levels and kick up your immune defenses. winter salad quote Q: Salads are one of those dishes with literally an infinite amount of variations. What makes this salad unique?
It’s true, salads give you a limitless canvas to create all sorts of interesting and nutritious flavor profiles. One of the keys for me when creating a new salad recipe is having a great balance of savory, sweet, bitter and salt. The ingredients should contrast each other and at the same time work in harmony to create delicious flavors. In my Winter Greens Salad, there's definitely a lot going on, but everything comes together to work like a symphony on your palate. The sweet, roasted, caramelized flavor of the butternut squash balances wonderfully with peppery, slightly bitter arugula and baby kale. And the earthy richness of the roasted mushrooms, with a hint of sherry vinegar, and the sweet roasted shallots, really put this salad over the top.
Q: It's winter and many of us are feeling the burst of chill. People tend to prefer soups over salads around this time of year. What makes this the ideal winter salad?
Roasting the squash and mushrooms and adding a cooked element to the dish make this a very hearty salad and leaves you just as satisfied as a full-course hot meal. Also, even though I love cooked soups, they lack in live enzymes, which this salad is packed with. And besides, if you really want to, you can always pair this dish with a nice hot bowl of soup!
Q: Tell us a little bit about tamari in the mushroom marinade. What is it and how does it contribute to the dish?
Tamari is a Japanese soy sauce that is traditionally made using little or no wheat, as opposed to most other soy sauces which are made with wheat. I think tamari has a richer, slightly less salty taste than most store-bought soy sauce. In the mushroom marinade, the tamari infuses a salty depth of flavor into the mushrooms, and along with the smooth acidity of the sherry vinegar and hint of sweetness from the maple syrup, this combination is something you’ll want to eat over and over again.
winter-salad-recipe For dessert, how about a sugar fix for just 250 (healthy) calories? Made from pure & natural sources along with a shot of potassium, you won't be overwhelming your body with dairy and artificial add-ons with this creamy Banana Amaretto Ice Cream. Supercharged with the healthy fats of almonds, you'll want this ice cream to be your a la mode companion for everything! Banana-Amaretto-Ice-Cream Round out the festivities with a glass of healthy vegan eggnog made with almond milk—at only 180 calories per serving! The warming spices add the perfect holiday touch to this classic yule tide beverage while Medjool dates and coconut infuse the perfect subtle sweetness. Cheers! Holiday-eggnog Whipped up a dish you fell in love with? Share your vegan or plant-based recipe with your fellow healthy eaters! Your recipe may be featured on myHDiet.com and in the Fall In Love Again With Food Again newsletter.

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