The Power of Vegetables

The Power of Vegetables

In the September 2015 issue of “The Blaylock Wellness Report”, Dr. Blaylock had a very interesting article concerning the use of vegetables in the healing of colon cancer. Below are portions of that article:
“Medicine has made great strides in discerning the cause of colorectal cancers and developed a wide range of ways to improve treatment. I have known people who were completely cured of invasive colon cancer using nutrients alone, though most prefer combining natural with conventional treatments. “Using vegetable extracts not only makes conventional treatments more effective, but also much safer, as they protect normal cells and tissues while making cancer cells more vulnerable to being killed. “The most important step in fighting colorectal cancer is eliminating heme iron and glutamate from your diet and increasing intake of vegetables – especially nutrient dense vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, greens, celery, parsley, and kale. “Blenderizing the vegetables maximizes absorption of the flavonoids and fiber. And vegetable fiber has the best anti-cancer benefits of any type of fiber…..”

Rev. Malkmus Comments

January 2016 will mark my 40th anniversary of being free of colon cancer due to refusing all cancer treatments for my colon cancer in January 1976, and rather adopting an all-raw, plant-based diet, at the suggestion of evangelist Lester Roloff. His encouragement to adopt a diet that included lots of freshly extracted vegetable juices along with blended salads was a life-saver for me! As I am about to celebrate my 82nd birthday, I have been cancer free for 40 years on a pure, 100%, plant-based diet. Hallelujah! And I rejoice that I am one of those Dr. Blaylock can refer to as “I have known people who were completely cured of invasive colon cancer using nutrients alone.”

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