Rev. George & Rhonda Malkmus Move To Florida

Rev. George & Rhonda Malkmus Move To Florida

Hallelujah Acres headquarters will soon be relocating to Gastonia, NC and Rev. George and Rhonda are on the move, too! Find out where they're going and what they're doing next.
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On Saturday, November 17, the moving vans backed up in front of our home in Shelby, North Carolina to load up our household furnishings. Destination? St. Augustine, Florida. With Hallelujah Acres leaving Shelby and moving to Gastonia in December, we have decided to sell our home here in Shelby and move our household belongings and ourselves to Florida. At the time of my 77th birthday on February 12, 2011 — after nearly two decades of not taking a break for a vacation since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning on February 12, 1992 — I told Rhonda that we were going to begin planning for and taking steps to slow smell the roses. The hardest part of leaving the Shelby home is the edible landscape, comprised of 47 blueberry-bearing bushes, 6 grapevines, 5 thornless blackberry bushes, 2 apple trees, a pear tree, a peach tree, a persimmon tree, 2 fig trees, and a cherry tree, plus 3 gorgeous raised bed vegetable gardens. In just a few short months I will, Lord willing, celebrate my 79th birthday. Plans for next year (2013), are to continue my first-Saturday-of-the-month seminars in various cities throughout the southeastern U.S., along with participating in Health Minister Trainings. I will also continue the publishing of my weekly electronic Health Tip, as well as being available for special events at Hallelujah Acres in Gastonia as they arise. Though Rhonda and I are attempting to slow down, we are not leaving Hallelujah Acres without leadership or personally abandoning it. I will remain an active member of Hallelujah Acres’ Board of Directors and plan to stay fully involved in the direction of Hallelujah Acres. Internet and phone communication with Hallelujah Acres will continue to take place almost daily. To carry on the ministry, we have a strong staff of approximately 50 loyal and dedicated employees, along with a strong leadership team headed by my son Paul who has been with me the past 15 years. I appreciate your prayers for both Rhonda and myself as we attempt to slow down and smell the roses, and for Hallelujah Acres as it continues to spread God’s Health Message across America and around the world. God is GOOD!

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