Interview With Chef Richard

Interview With Chef Richard

We are brimming with excitement to introduce you to Chef Richard, a culinary maestro who possesses a near-supernatural knack for whipping up the most delicious meals—all plant-based, vegan and bursting with body-healing nutrition! Chef Richard Arnold is blessed with parents who are passionate about healthy eating and incorporated the “good stuff” into his meals since he could chew. And perhaps it’s because his mother Anita was a restaurant owner, or simply because it’s part of his DNA, Chef Richard has been gravitating toward the kitchen since he could hold a spatula and make his way up a stool. Take a moment to meet Chef Richard and discover his ultra-popular Raw Carrot Cake recipe. Q: What was your journey to becoming a plant-based chef? A: While I was at Florida State University, a friend who was a sous chef at a fine-dining restaurant suggested I join him. That’s where I learned how to manage a kitchen and make food on a large scale. At the same time, my parents became Hallelujah Health Ministers and, two years later, they became the owners and co-chef instructors of the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina. I started learning more and more about plant-based foods and, after trying some of my mom’s Hallelujah Diet cooking, I noticed I felt and looked so much better. After graduating, I wanted to completely transform my health and went all in with the Hallelujah Diet. I started working with my parents in 2011 and never looked back since. Q: What is your favorite part of being a Hallelujah Diet chef? A: I absolutely love to take people’s favorite dishes—foods that are part of the Standard American Diet—then show them how to make an all-vegan version that tastes just as good, if not better. 2middle-quote Q: What would you tell people who are just starting out and don't think vegan foods will be as delicious? A: First, keep an open mind. When people think they’re going to be deprived of things they love, it feels like so much more of a daunting task to make a change. But when you know how positive the results will be, it becomes much easier. After adopting a flavor-focused, vegan diet, you’ll see there's a huge difference in how you look and feel. Second, if you're going to do it, try it full force for 90 days. Most people don't want to go back and eat a hamburger. The Hallelujah Diet is something that does require a bit of effort but the payoff is huge in the long run. Third, to make things easier and fun, remember to make something YOU really like to eat! 3middle-quote Q: What is your ultimate goal as a Hallelujah Diet chef? A: My approach to introducing people to the Hallelujah Diet is through food. My main goal is to make it delicious, while using the freshest, healthiest ingredients that fit right into the Hallelujah lifestyle. recipe5-quote recipe_divider

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