Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Alternatives: Vegan, Protein-Rich Lentil Millet Holiday Loaf (No Need for Turkey!)

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Alternatives: Vegan, Protein-Rich Lentil Millet Holiday Loaf (No Need for Turkey!)

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Ever wondered what could be as enticing and satiating as a turkey? Try Chef Richard’s Lentil Millet Holiday Loaf as your healthy, nutrient-packed centerpiece! With a subtly sweet yet warm, nutty flavor, millet is a popular grain in India that has huge digestive benefits thanks to its high fiber content. Millet is also known to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol while fueling your body with antioxidant power. Non-allergenic and gluten-free, present this holiday pick-me-up for some protein-packed (translation: filling!) deliciousness. Q: What about this millet loaf do people love?
Meatloaf is such a classic, hearty, satisfying dish so many people connect with. By using lentils and millet as a base, I was able to create a plant-based version of this classic that both meat-eaters and vegans crave. It’s packed with aromatic veggies and fresh herbs and, best of all, it’s GUILT-FREE! Just consider the nutrient content: One cup of cooked lentils has almost 20 grams of protein, and millet is rich in a number of minerals, including magnesium.
Q: Cooking up a loaf may sound a bit daunting for the novice cook. Any words of encouragement or tips?
Although there are a few steps to making the Lentil Millet Loaf, it’s not a difficult dish to make at all. The most important thing is to taste your mixture, and make sure it’s well seasoned before putting it in your loaf pan. The oven will take care of the rest!
Q: Why do you recommend the Cranberry Relish with the meatloaf?
Eating the Cranberry Relish with the Lentil Loaf gives you that perfect combination of savory and sweet, which is something I think almost everybody associates with a great Thanksgiving meal!
To many of us, cranberries are essential to any holiday feast—and fortunately, they’re one of the few staples that are as healthy as they are tasty. Most known for their ability to fight off bacterial infections in the urinary tract (that’s because they’re loaded with proanthocyanidins, which help prevent certain forms of bacteria from sticking to the walls), cranberries also contain lots of antioxidant Vitamins C & E and even fiber. While you should limit fruit intake when you’re on the Hallelujah Diet, a little is just fine, and this relish is the perfect companion to any holiday dish. Add tang, sweetness and crunch! If you didn’t already know, we are firm believers in juicing—drinking the fresh liquids from vegetables and fruits to flood your body cells with the healing nutrients that plants carry for their own survival. Among the many benefits of juicing include detoxification of the liver at the cellular level and improving heart health. Juicing also saturates your body with both Vitamins C and E, which help prevent the damaging effect of free radicals on artery walls. For this Thanksgiving holiday, we are offering two simple, refreshing and tasty beverage recipes—exclusively for our Fall In Love With Food Again online family! Whipped up a dish you fell in love with? Share your vegan or plant-based recipe with your fellow healthy eaters! Your recipe may be featured on and in the Fall In Love Again With Food Again newsletter.

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