After Breast Milk, Is Cow Milk OK?

After Breast Milk, Is Cow Milk OK?

Dairy advertising is everywhere, but what's the truth about milk? Rev. Malkmus provides some common sense answers and science to back them up.
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"Dr. Malkmus, I have been speaking with my daughter about cow milk. Last August she gave birth to our only grandchild and has been nursing her ever since with breast milk. Now that our granddaughter is nearing a year old, my daughter is trying to figure out if cow’s milk or soy milk is what they should now feed her."
"She keeps asking me for information on what to do. I’m concerned about our granddaughter getting enough calcium without giving her cow milk. I don’t believe soy milk I is a good option. What should I tell my daughter? I’ve read so much about the ill effects of cow milk but I’m at a loss of what to tell my daughter to feed our granddaughter if it’s not cow milk." Dee C. EDITOR RESPONDS: If it was my granddaughter, I wouldn’t even consider cow milk as an option. Cow milk is linked to early development of diabetes Type 1 and it is extremely mucous forming. After the age of weaning there is no need for milk. There is not an animal in the wild that provides milk for its offspring after weaning. May we learn from them! After a child is weaned, a child should eat a plant based diet consisting of 50% raw and 50% cooked plant foods. Fresh vegetable juices and purified water should be their primary liquids. All their calcium needs come from the plant foods. Cow milk actually creates a negative calcium balance because of its acidity, which causes the body to lose more calcium than the milk itself provides. Soy milk is too rich in phytoestrogens and anti-nutrients. When a milk substitute is desired or needed, homemade almond or banana milk are options. I would recommend you get a copy of Pregnancy, Children and The Hallelujah Diet for your daughter. It is a Hallelujah Acres publication that goes into detail as to what children should be fed and at various ages.

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