Showerwise Filtration System
Showerwise Filtration System
Showerwise Filtration System

Showerwise Filtration System

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Chlorine, commonly used to disinfect tap water, can make your skin dry, sensitive, flaky, and itchy. It irritates your eyes and makes your hair dry and unmanageable. Worse yet, chlorine and its by-products aggravate symptoms for many asthma, allergy, sinus, and emphysema sufferers. Protect your body from chlorine, and breathe easier with the Showerwise Filtration System. It'll help you avoid chlorine's skin and respiratory irritations, keeping you healthy and comfortable. Make showering a worry-free experience with Showerwise!

Your body can absorb more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of water. Fortunately, our Showerwise chlorine-removing shower head can reduce chlorine by 95%. Its filtration system can also reduce combined chlorine, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), scale, sediment, iron oxide, and odors. Say goodbye to harsh chlorine and odors, and say hello to a rejuvenating shower experience. The Showerwise filtration system brings you the purest and freshest water with just one remarkable device!

  • Consists of exclusive, patented filtration media with Chlorgon for superior protection from chlorine.
  • Our chlorine-removing shower head performs best in warm or hot water, unlike ordinary carbon filters that are effective in cold water only.
  • Contains 50% more filtering material for a longer, more effective lifetime than most other filters, typically lasting 12-18 months.
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