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Professional Strength Ginger

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Ginger is an Indian spice that has been used in foods and medicinally for millenia. Traditionally it has been used for upset stomach, nausea and digestive discomfort. People have also found ginger to be useful for arthritic conditions, pain relief and immune system support.

Results have varied with different ginger preparations. It can be difficult to get enough of the active ingredients in ginger preparations. It can be inconvenient to deal with all of that ginger flavor. Some preparations are more about flavor and don’t have much of the active ingredients in them at all. Scientific studies of ginger have yielded promising, but inconsistent results.

Ginfort™ is an all-natural, powerful extract of ginger with 12 times as much of the gingeroids found in ginger powder supplements. Ginfort™ takes the medicinal promises of ginger and makes them a reality.

What is Function Dyspepsia?

Functional dyspepsia is diagnosed by symptoms and lack of any organ-based disease. The primary symptoms are postprandial fullness, early satiation (getting full before eating a normal size meal), and epigastric pain/burning. Upper abdominal bloating, heartburn, nausea and belching are also common symptoms. Function dyspepsia basically is irritable bowel syndrome of the stomach. Stress plays a huge role, along with dysbiosis and hormone signaling gone awry.

The Best Way to Deal with Functional Dyspepsia

It turns out that Ginfort™ is really helpful for function dyspepsia.

Ginfort™ works. A well-conducted study supports the claims made for it. In a 28-day double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial 50 subjects with function dyspepsia were given 200 mg of Ginfort™ twice a day or a placebo. After 14 days an interim analysis showed a 70% improvement in symptoms with Ginfort™ and after 28 days there was almost an 80% improvement. Over 50% of the Ginfort™ group rated themselves as free of the 3 primary symptoms at the end of the trial. Safety data collected showed no concerns for taking Ginfort™. Ginfort™ works. It has been shown to be safe and effective for people suffering with functional dyspepsia.

What Could Ginfort™ Do for You?

Ginfort™ is an all-natural solvent-free extract of ginger. It is safe and has worked for a lot of people already. It is fast. You won’t need multiple bottles to see the effect. After just 2 weeks or even sooner you could experience significant relief.

Of course, it goes without saying that when Ginfort™ is combined with an excellent diet, like the Hallelujah Diet, you will likely experience even better results. Health isn’t found in a bottle or a refrigerator. Wholistic health comes from the intermingling effects of diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, toxin exposure/retention or elimination, relationships, structural body misalignments/subluxations, genetics, and trust in God. Sometimes we need all the help we can get. Ginfort™ might be the boost you need. Feel better. Live better. Buy Ginfort™ now.

How Is Ginfort™ Made?

The patented Ginfort advantage comes from the application of Aqueosome® technology. This method enhances the solubility of lipophilic gingeroids from the ginger oleoresin through the patented application of a blend of safe, food-grade inactives. This keeps solvents out of the process and also eliminates the need for maltodextrin seen in spray-dried powders. Because of this advanced processing 2-4 grams of ginger are equivalent to one 200-mg capsule of Ginfort™. Ginfort is the most concentrated ginger extract on the market, with a total of 26% gingeroid polyphenolics, including the ginerols and shogoals. Ginfort™ has shown remarkable stability over its entire shelf life. Safe, effective, stable.

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