Adam's Prostate Care

Adam's Prostate Care

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Adam’s Prostate Care is a unique herbal body cream containing saw palmetto and natural progesterone along with zinc vitamins C & E, carrot oil, ginseng and avocado oil. For years, it has been recommended for a combination of saw palmetto for a prostate rub. Now they’re available in one cream. Great for BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), frequent urination and prostate health.

This natural prostate cream for men counteracts the effects of estrogen excess in men, balancing male hormones, and promotes optimal health and functions.

Use: Apply 1 inch strip twice daily for three weeks each month. After three months, reduce to 1/2 inch twice daily.

Ingredients:Purified water, natural glycerin, stearalkonium chloride (plant derived), d-Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E), avocado oil, jojoba oil, saw palmetto (extract), pygeum africanum, ginseng (American), uva-ursi, pumpkin seed (extract), sarsaparilla, natural vitamin C (acerola extract containing 17-19%), optiZinc, rosemary extract, carrot oil, lemongrass oil.
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