Reaching your Happy Weight on the Hallelujah Diet

Reaching your Happy Weight on the Hallelujah Diet

Countless people who have implemented the Hallelujah Diet for health purposes have also experienced weight loss as a bonus. But what if you are diligently doing the Hallelujah Diet and the scales are not budging for you? PLEASE do not get discouraged and throw in the towel!

This webinar explains some basic tweaks that could make a big difference. You may find that just a little bit more of this ….and a little bit less of that, will help reign in your hunger. There are no magic bullets to weight loss, but key subtle changes could put you in the winner’s court. We want EVERYONE to reach their happy weight!

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking information that can change your life. Even if you’re following the healthy lifestyle of the Hallelujah Diet, Melody Hord will help to reclaim your health.

Presenter: Melody Hord - Melody has a BA in Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been a sales leader for a Fortune 100 company and a district sales manager for a multi-billion dollar company. She now uses her experience and energy in the education and customer service arena at Hallelujah Diet.

Always intrigued with health and fitness, Melody completed Health Minister Training in 2007. Her absolute favorite part of the Hallelujah Diet experience is the food. She has brought her passion into the kitchen to create countless recipes. Her personal philosophy to maintain the best diet possible is to keep it exciting, keep learning, set goals, and if something isn’t working, change it up and try something new.

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