Fit for Life Webinar with Dave Hubbard

Fit for Life Webinar with Dave Hubbard

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Known today as America’s Fitness Coach®, Dave Hubbard specializes in educating, motivating and equipping people to get fit for life. His unique formula for fitness has been proven to be successful for over 30-years. In this informative webinar, you will learn:

  • Why so many people are frustrated with not getting desired results with exercise
  • How to maximize results with time spent exercising for peak performance
  • How to get and stay fit with a time commitment of only 10-minutes a day
  • Why this time saving method is superior to the conventional approach to exercise
  • How to dramatically increase strength at any age without muscle or joint pain

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking information that can change your life. Even if you’re following the healthy lifestyle of the Hallelujah Diet, Dave Hubbard will help to reclaim your health.

Presenter: Dave Hubbard played for the New Orleans Saints in the 1970s. After stepping out of the NFL he had a near fatal accident that led to what he calls his fitness-crisis. Dave has given health and fitness presentations throughout America, and has been featured many times on radio and television. In 2006, Dave was rewarded a U.S. Patent for his unique method of exercise.

Host: Melody Hord, education specialist for Hallelujah Diet. Melody graciously answers many questions that help provide details and better understanding of optimal choices.

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