Eating Healthy in a Protein-Obsessed Food Culture Webinar

Eating Healthy in a Protein-Obsessed Food Culture Webinar

One of the very first questions we ask ourselves when considering a diet change, or others ask of us when we change our diet is “Where do you get your protein?” The word protein comes from the Greek word “proteos” meaning “of prime importance.” It seems that protein is more necessary than fruits and vegetables in the American diet and way of thinking. Much of this thinking has lead to our epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Dr. Garth Davis, MD, has written an excellent book addressing the protein topic, entitled Proteinaholic: How our obsession with meat is killing us and what we can do about it. We will explore some of his findings and whet your appetite to understand more.

Topics covered include:

  • Who is Dr. Garth Davis MD, and why did he write this book? - How we became proteinaholics
  • Blue zones and what they teach us
  • Paleo diet—has there really been a culture that has thrived on a high animal protein diet?
  • Meat and Diabetes—cause and effect?
  • Heart disease—should I cut carbs or protein?
  • Obesity—It's not about the carbs
  • Meat and Cancer—Can we just add veggies to our protein and be OK? - Tips to change your perspective on eating meat.

Join us with Dr. Michael Donaldson, PhD as we find out the answers to the questions above as well as other health answers.

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