Curcugen: The curcumin brand that helps you get the most out of turmeric!

Curcugen: The curcumin brand that helps you get the most out of turmeric!

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Change from the familiar can be difficult - but upgrading has a whole other feel. In the world of curcumin products, things are always changing, but Curcugen is taking it to a whole new level.

This next generation Curcugen product is the first of its kind to provide a concentrated dose of curcuminoids without straying too far from the spice it originated from. Curcugen is clinically studied, food and beverage-friendly, and provides powerful, long-lasting effects with only 1 dose per day. Curcugen also tells the most comprehensive curcumin story there is about bioavailability, detailing what's delivered in free-form, what circulates as a semi-storage supply and for what we once thought was wasted - what the microbiome converts into a super-antioxidant.

Preserving the wholeness of the spice, Curcugen delivers - as an extract that is:

  • 98.5% rhizome based
  • 50% curcuminoid-rich
  • Essential oil enhanced
  • Polar resin powered

Watch this webinar to get an eye-opening and get the full scoop about this excited new product.

Presenter: Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND - A CNME-board certified graduate of the only doctoral level naturopathic medical school on the east coast, the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut. A B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering complemented her didactic training to become Naturopathic physician and collectively paved the way to her teaching biological and clinical sciences on the university level. Dr. Shavon also seized the opportunity to practice naturopathy in the private setting. Being honored with the 2008 ‘Clinical Excellency’ scholarship and award at graduation gave her the confidence to toggle between the worlds of teaching and practicing. Her practice focused on wellness approaches to chronic disease, with particular focus on disorders of metabolic and gynecologic origin.

Via awareness campaigns in soft publications and online portals, to integrative work with pharmacists Dr. Shavon has worked diligently to create a healthy, scientifically balanced attitude around the use of natural products. Her most recent endeavor, as Medical Educator for the Dolcas-Biotech, LLC branded natural ingredients firm has culminated these seemingly divergent experiences. Dr. Shavon leads their scientific advisory team, facilitating world-renowned researchers in the design, implementation and practical dissemination of their investigations into frontier, clinically-important and industry-esteemed process-patented phytochemicals.

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