7 Mistakes Made on the Hallelujah Diet Webinar

7 Mistakes Made on the Hallelujah Diet Webinar

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Hallelujah Diet believes in the miraculous self-healing body that the Lord created. When we keep out toxins, and give the body a chance to do what it has been designed to do, it is capable of marvelous things. The thing is, we never really know what the body will do. All we can do is our best.

Sometimes, even when we give it our best, we can make missteps, both small and large, that sabotage our efforts. We can even get discouraged and feel like giving up. The upcoming webinar covers 7 common pitfalls that can easily be made on the Hallelujah Diet. We will discuss how to overcome those, and how to succeed at implementing the Hallelujah Diet with honesty, commitment and good food.

Melody Hord will share “Mel’s favorite miracle substitute”.

Connie Gesser will share her “Carefully Configured Concoction”.

Don’t let common missteps on the Hallelujah Diet keep you from experiencing the rewards. We invite you to watch this webinar.

Presenter: Melody Hord: Melody Hord has a studio art degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. She came to work at Hallelujah Diet in 2007 and taught alongside George Malkmus, in his 2-Day workshops. She also assisted Rhonda Malkmus in many of her culinary classes. Melody believes we should never settle for less than optimal health.

Connie Gesser: Connie Gesser has a degree in English from Grand Valley State University She has been an integral part of the customer service team at Hallelujah Diet since 2007.

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