Dr. Malkmus, I started The Hallelujah Diet at the insistence of a member of the church I was pastoring at the time. I had severe allergies requiring prescription medication, and an acid reflux problem that had resisted all prescribed medications. After a painful herniated disc erupted in my back, a neurologist prescribed 800mg Motrin for pain. My digestive system immediately got worse, not just from indigestion, but through cyclical bouts of diarrhea and constipation. The cycles became so unpredictable that I did not know if I could finish a sermon at times without running to the restroom.

My doctor recommended a gastroenterologist, who wanted to solve my problem with surgery. By taking a section of my small intestine out, and wrapping it around my esophagus, he hoped to stop the upward churning of stomach acid so I could sleep. Even with this radical surgery (which he claimed to have performed many times), he could not guarantee that I would not still need prescription Prilosec or some other medication for the rest of my life.

Out of a desperate desire to avoid surgery, I tried The Hallelujah Diet. Within six weeks after changing my diet, I was a new man! Although I don't always follow the diet as closely as I should, especially in my ministry traveling, I've been following the diet for almost three years. I am now free of prescription drugs for indigestion, and I have not had to take as much as a 'Tums' in that entire time! I sleep through the night without the reflux problems that used to keep me awake, and I have had no instances of indigestion. To think these people wanted to do surgery on me with no guarantees, and all I had to do was eat right!

Other bonuses of The Hallelujah Diet have been a loss of over 30 pounds, increased energy, and the disappearance of those nasty allergies. Not only have I been free of the prescription drugs for allergies and indigestion, but I haven't needed so much as a Tylenol for a headache. My back pain mysteriously disappeared, while my strength and stamina returned.

I've continued to share my story with others, many of which have bought your book and are on the diet. Please keep telling the truth about the destructive American diet, which is the source of too many of our health problems.

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