Tumors On The Lungs Are Still Regressing

What a great report we had from the Doctor's in Boston today -- tumors on the lungs are still regressing, and there are no new tumors anywhere on Chris' body -- Praises to Jesus! never talk about any type of treatment, just told Chris to keep doing what he's been doing and they'd see him in January 2004 . I continue to be amazed at the strength Chris has, and he recently told me that he seriously very seldom thinks about his melanoma cancer, and that over the past year, he'd been more concerned about his heart. Well, that concern was eliminated when we saw his cardiologist this summer, and seeing how well he was doing, he took Chris off all medication with the exception of one very low dose blood pressure med -- his blood pressure has been 115/64, which is great! Yes, there's always a chance that the disease will resurface, but until then we both choose to enjoy every single day and just trust the Lord that His will be done in both of our lives. We are holding Hallelujah Acres Support Group meetings on a monthly basis for those in the area that are interested in the program that Chris is on, and that has been such a Blessing. We're so grateful! Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all of you!

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