Dear Brother Malkmus, I have just come from a very successful visit with my mother's doctor and can't hold back my excitement. I must tell you her story: On February 10th of this year (2007), my mother called me, needing to go to the emergency room after being sick and vomiting for 4-days. I rushed her to the emergency room only to learn she had a huge growth in her abdomen. A cancer specialist and surgeon were brought in on her case, and her oncologist told me they had found the largest tumor they had ever seen. He suggested a biopsy, which was done. The biopsy caused the tumor to grow rapidly, adding another 50 pounds of weight in just one week. When the results from the pathology lab came back we learned mom had a large B-cell lymphoma cancer and it was growing rapidly.

At this point mom was struggling to breathe because the growth, now awakened by the biopsy, was growing rapidly and pressing against her lungs. She was not able to eat or drink anything. Our family discussed our options and decided that chemo was our only choice. Just one round of chemo was very devastating to our very sick mother. Because of mother's severe reaction to the chemotherapy, the doctor said there would be no more treatments because he didn't think mother could survive them. A few days later the doctor came to mom's room and told us that he was not sure she would live through the night. However, she remained in the hospital several weeks trying to get enough strength back to return home to die, for we were told that there was nothing more the doctors could do.

When we finally took mom home, I immediately placed her on the Hallelujah diet, knowing it could save her life if the tumor had not progressed too far, robbing us of the time needed for The Hallelujah Diet to work. Before leaving the hospital, we learned that the one chemo treatment had shrunk her tumor by about 75%, and I had hope that there was enough time, seeing that the tumor had shrunk, to allow mom to drink small amounts of vegetable juices. The first 2-weeks on the juices gave us little hope, as we saw no change in mom's condition, and then her doctor gave me a lecture regarding treating mom with nutrition. He was quite firm with me and very discouraging. He closed the conversation by saying: 'Proper nutrition can't cure anything not even a headache! Don't you think we doctors would have figured that out a long ago if nutrition worked?' The doctor's words did not discourage me; because I felt so sure in my heart that your program Dr. Malkmus would work, that I continued it, but with very little encouragement.

By the third week, I began to see things that I thought were signs of improvement. By the end of the 4th week I was pointing out to mom all the positive improvements in an effort to encourage her that she was indeed getting better. This is now the 5th week, and mom (who lives with my wife and me) is going around the house doing household chores each day. Today we took mom to her doctor, and watched him stammer and stumble all over himself trying to explain her very miraculous come-back. He is now a believer, and admitted that he was going to have to re-think his stand on nutrition and turned to me and said: 'Don't change a thing you are doing keep it up!' He then asked for the Hallelujah Acres website and said he was definitely going to check into the program, for he couldn't deny what he was seeing. He wants us to bring mom back in 6-weeks so he can put her through a battery of tests to see if the cancer is either gone or gotten smaller. Brother Malkmus, I don't need the tests, although we will do them. I am already seeing the mom I have always known return to life. I'm thankful for your educational information and faithful work.

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