Hello Dr. Malkmus, I am a 35-year old PK (pastor's kid), with 2 small children. In May 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated and kept asking Jesus Why? When my dad, who is a minister, learned of my cancer, he encouraged me to adopt The Hallelujah Diet rather than have the surgery my doctor recommended.

In June 2006, our entire family, including my two children, my mom and dad, as well as my husband and myself, adopted The Hallelujah Diet. The changes in our families health have been amazing: My dad's diabetes just simply went away. My mom's arthritis pain is gone. My children haven't had a cold or the flu since making the diet change, and my husband's health has improved.

As for myself, before the diet change I was scheduled for surgery. My father was opposed to the surgery, but my doctor insisted I have it. I asked the Lord what I should do, and He answered the day before the surgery, when my insurance company called to tell me they would not pay for the surgery. I was so relieved, and took that as a sign from the Lord I was not to precede with the surgery. That very day I called my doctor, told her I would not have the surgery, but rather just do The Hallelujah Diet, and signed a waiver of release. She told me I was a fool and that I would die without the surgery. Well Dr. Malkmus, after a year on The Hallelujah Diet, the lump in my breast has shrunk, and I am excitedly sharing my story with people who are doubters and criticizers of The Hallelujah Diet. I praise the Lord for using your program on my road to recovery.

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