I am so very thankful that he led me to discover the Hallelujah Diet!

In 2011 I started having trouble digesting meat. Nothing showed up from all the big, scary tests I had. This is about the time acid reflux flared up in a big way. I took HCL for a while then it quit working.

Upon waking from some of the procedures, I was told they were looking for such and such a disease (a big bad one.) Everything was negative. They found something from another disease. I had a biopsy run on it. It was negative but I went through so much emotionally during this time. I thank God that these were negative.

Also, about that year I decided to have a DEXA scan. It showed I had osteoporosis. My doctor tried to scare me into taking the pharmaceuticals for osteoporosis. Even a doctor in our church said I should get on Fosomax. Well, something told me not too. I found web sites that supported going on a low acid diet and that is what I did. I found calcium from "algae” and it reversed my osteoporosis. I still need to be on a program to increase my bones.

After all I've gone through; I'm a big believer in healing through diet and supplements.

This past February of 2014 I heard someone say, in a group I was in, “I'm going on the 60 day challenge for the Hallelujah Diet.” I immediately knew that's what I had been looking for. When I finished the challenge I knew I wanted to pursue this more. I'm looking forward to discovering new recipes. We'll see where the Lord leads me.

I am so very thankful that he led me to discover the Hallelujah Diet! What a blessing.

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