With the exception of an occasional piece of salmon every couple months, I had been on the Hallelujah diet for almost 4 years with great success. I could run five miles a day, 4 times a week, work out with weights and work at the airport as a ramp agent with virtually no fatigue. But, the best thing was, I had a streak of a year and half without being sick. Pretty good for a 46 year old woman who used to get sick 3 times a year and could barely walk a half a mile without getting tired!

In October, I received a newsletter extolling the virtues of adding animals products to their diet. I must admit I was very confused as their testimonies seemed to be compelling. I decided I would add animal products for a time and see what happened. I started adding range-free chicken and beef and eggs a few times a week.

The results were a disaster. First off, my energy level dropped noticeably. In a few weeks I could no longer run 5 miles at the pace I used to. In fact, I could barely run 5 miles at all. I scaled my running back to 3 miles and that was even betting hard.

Next thing I noticed, was I was getting hot flashes. I am menopausal and did get at occasional hot flash while on the HA diet, but the worst thing that happened was in January I got the flu that took almost 3 weeks to recover from. Then, in March, I got it again! I also started feeling depressed again, something I never experienced while being a vegan. It would seem my immune system and energy level took a dive because of eating animal products. So much for eating, clean, God-given mean!

I am back on the Hallelujah Diet in full force. I will no longer even eat salmon on an occasional basis!Thank you George and Hallelujah Acres for not wavering on your health message. Thank you for being a guiding light amidst the misleading voices. I have learned a valuable lesson.

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