After being on the diet for 1 1/2 months (and doing it nearly 100% raw, and with no glutenous grains such as wheat, oats, rye or barley) I stopped taking meds (Risperdal) for schizophrenia. I have had no symptoms since stopping. I had tried stopping the meds a couple times before - without the Halllelujah diet - and the symptoms always returned. I was encouraged to try stopping drugs when attending HM training in mid November. I met a girl who had successfully stoped meds for manic depression and I spoke directly to Dr. Malkmus, who assured me there had been schizophrenia testimonies.

About 10 years ago I had been hospitalized for 1 1/2 months(Cleveland Clinic)with schizophrenia and depression. The doctors told me there was no cure and I would be on drugs the rest of my life. One doctor told me that if I went off drugs, the disease would come back worse. My hallucinations were auditory - if I heard a real sound that was of a cycling nature such as a motor, bell, tone or musical note - it would repeat over and over in my mind like an endless recording. It has been 7 months now without drugs, and all symptoms are totally gone.

I have also been off meds for depression (Prozac) for several months, with no symptoms. To top it off, two skin conditions are gone. One was a winter rash I had since childhood. The other was an itchy spot on a foot that I used a drug (Elocon) repeatedly for 10 years with no success. It was all the doctors offered me. I used to take Tums all day, every day. I haven't needed or taken one since starting the diet.

A chronic cough that I used endless bottles of Robitusin DM for is gone. Finally I have lost 110 pounds - down to 167 (I'm 5'11 and 43 years old). For the first 50 lbs. I was on a vegan diet of mostly cooked food. It felt like torture and starvation. For the last 60 lbs., I had the HA information. The pounds came off effortlessly. I have never been hungry a single minute on the Hallelujah diet. I lost an average of 10 pounds a month. My exercise was very long walks. My weight has settled at about 167 for the last few months. I am eating the same way I was when I was losing the weight. I am now riding my bike again. Last ride averaged 17 mph over 30 miles. I have done a one day ride of 100 miles this summer. I run the bleachers, lift weights and use the Nordic Track also.

Also, I have started to play my flugelhorn again - something I thought was lost forever. I have my life back again - thanks to the goodness of God and his instructions in Genesis 1:29 on how to nourish my brain and body. Thanks Rev. Malkmus for fighting the good fight to get this information out. Love to you, Rick

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